Growing in the Christian Life - Women's Group Study in James


8:45AM Sunday discipleship group & 10am sunday Worship Service

 August 14, 2022

 8:45 AM

 111 Trotter Drive Pinehurst, NC 28374

What is faith? Is our faith dead or alive? How should living faith express itself in our day to day actions? How important is it that our behaviors reflects our beliefs? 

James is a kind of handbook for holy life practices. He provides practical guidance on EVERY DAY issues and struggles we all face.

- How do we react to trials?

- What about showing favoritism?

- Have we tamed our tongues?

- What do we do when we face difficult decisions?

- How do we handle riches - or lack of them?

- How can we be "in the world" and not be "of the world"?

- Do our behaviors reflect our beliefs?

James calls us to live a life that demonstrates faith that is "living" vs. "dead" and challenges us to "be doers of the Word and not hearers only"!