Is It All About Me? (John 1: 6-8)


9AM Sunday discipleship group & 10am sunday Worship Service

Jan. 03, 2021

The beginning of a new year may prompt us to ask, "What is my purpose in life?" Is it about what makes ME happy? Should my life and my actions and my decisions all revolve around me? Is my purpose to live for myself? Is it about MY job, MY bank account, My marriage, MY children, MY house, My car? And, if so, what happens when we lose those things?

In today's message, we look at the example of John the Baptist who saw his purpose as "preparing the way for the Lord." The apostle John describes John the Baptist as a "witness" to the truth of Jesus, making Jesus the primary focus in all aspects of his life. John knew that the only thing that made him special - and it is the same for you and I - is being a new creation in Christ and pointing people to Jesus. As you listen to this message, consider, "Why has God placed me on the earth in this place, at this point in time and how does He want me to help fulfill His plan?"